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E-Track Tie Off and TRIPLE Plated Ring Set

SKU GPHW451B411x4
Original price $24.96 - Original price $44.96
Original price
$24.96 - $44.96
Current price $24.96
  • Triple Plated for Heavy Equipment. See Picture for Reference
  • O Rings are made with zinc coating to protect from rust and corrosion. All fittings are Spring Fitted For Safety.
  • Fittings to be used for cargo in vans , trailers , trucks, flatbed equipped with E Track for moving , ATVs , tools , boxes , pallets , ladders , farm equipment , landscape trees , bicycles , motorcycles etc
  • E Track is not included and You must have E track for the fitting to be used.
Color: Black
Options: 4x Tie off and 4x O Ring